Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black out.

I can't help it. I love black clothing. Whenever I'm shopping around for some new pieces to add to my wardrobe, I am always drawn to black items first. One look in my closet would definitely confirm this.  There is a label I recently heard about called Thomas Wylde. One look at their 2010 AW collection and I was hooked.

I am especially in love with the first piece.It's just so effortlessly elegant and beautiful. I need it in my closet. Now.


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  2. Oops... I accidentally deleted my comment.

    How do you keep an all-black ensemble interesting? Any fashion tips for me, one who loves color probably too much?

  3. I normally have one accessory that is a burst of color. I usually choose a hairbow in red or white, or maybe an over-sized belt in purple or even a pair of shoes can add some color pop to your outfit. I always try and find some way to sneak a bit of color into an all black outfit. It keeps it interesting.